AR and VR

A New Era

of Training

Affordable - Safe - Engaging

We offer affordable Augmented and Virtual Reality Training Experiences. Our services have helped clients with some of their toughest training and safety challenges.


We believe that no amount of “death by powerpoint” can substitute for experience. You need reps and sets. In context. With feedback.


We also believe that technology should democratise access. Via AR and VR you can reach your students with compelling experiences that set them up for success in the field.


Augmented Reality

We provide cutting edge solutions your users can access on their smartphone, or tablet. Soon with their AR eye-wear too. Perfect for large scale, complex training or verification of competency.

Interactive Virtual Reality

Our premium solutions include full VR training simulations of complex operations. When you need to ensure user safety, can’t afford to shut down production, or procedures are complicated, interactive VR is ideal.

Live Action VR

[aka 360 Video]

We rapidly produce inexpensive, high-end 360 or 3D 180 video solutions. Clients use these for remote site inspections, inductions or training where development and deployment cost is critical.

Compliance & Insight

AR and VR have the capability to measure actual behaviour. This means you can automatically report on compliance of student skills. We also work with your instructors and supervisors to capture insight to enhance the training experience.

Global Deployment

What sets us apart from other AR/VR agencies is our experience in operationalising solutions. We integrate to your systems, and bring our expertise to deploying AR or VR securely, at scale. 

Modular Solutions & Flexible Pricing

We keep our prices down by creating only what you need as you need it. All of our solutions benefit from our unique Training Framework. So the hard work is already done so you don’t have to pay for it.



With the Crane and Dogger/Signalman VR Training Solutions from ACHIEVR, our students come up to speed well before putting themselves or equipment at risk.


Students love using Virtual Reality, engage more fully with the course materials, increasing overall assessment scores.


The detailed reporting gives us insight into each individual student and minimises costly paper based tasks.

Jarrod Delander

Operations Manager

We were looking for a way to train our workers without exposing operators and maintenance teams to high-risk environments and without needing to shut down production.


Working with ACHIEVR allowed up to rapidly develop a world class solution to assist us in demonstrating competency, improve learning outcomes and increase staff engagement.


Now the training for production processes are delivered via VR which enables us to train whenever we need to rather than when production schedules allow us.

Kurt Clark

Health & Safety Manager

ACHIEVR went the extra mile to deliver a high-value VR Training experience for our distributed workforce under tight timelines and budget.


Now, our workforce and partners can experience KFC's fast-paced kitchens and learn about burn hazards in a safe, controlled environment.


Relevant and engaging, we're using VR to highlight our critical risks to teams who may not have appreciated the risk previously!

Nick Duffy

Product Manager

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