We empower you to solve training challenges with Virtual Reality  

Our tale begins in 2017 when our founders, Nigel and Roger reconnected. Nigel had an intriguing Health and Safety challenge he believed could be solved using VR, and needed a technologist to solve. A leading construction training organisation was looking to scale their operation to cope with the demand of a national infrastructure project.


Nigel and Roger proposed creating a Virtual Reality Crane Training Simulator. One signed proposal later, and we were in business, literally registering the company to open the bank account so we could deposit the commissioning fee. 


Three years on and we have expanded 


Our vision is to bring experiential training to everyone. This vision unpacked looks like:


  • A young villager living in Nepal learns how to deliver a baby safely using Mobile VR, thereby reducing infant mortality.
  • A mid-level professional in London learns a data analysis technique using AR enabling a career change.
  • A construction worker in Dubai learns how to operate a new mobile crane using Interactive VR ensuring good quality and safety outcomes.


To Training Providers

Our mission is to empower training providers with all of the benefits of xR.


A Training Provider includes an individual, organisation, or division within an enterprise that delivers any form of training, from legally mandated compliance, to technical competency, or even educating customers on your product.


xR allows you to:

  • Reduce the cost of delivering equipment intensive, or location sensitive training
  • Virtually eliminate any risk of equipment damage or injury in training
  • Significantly accelerate learning outcomes especially with complex scenarios
  • Improve knowledge retention through “muscle memory” learning of practical skills

To The xR Industry​

We are also focused on catalysing the xR development ecosystem to (re)engineer every training experience into xR. To achieve a vision of bringing experiential training to everyone is impossible on our own.


To that end we are building our platform, the ACHIEVR Zone, where Training Providers can subscribe in order to consume xR training experiences, or commission new ones. The Zone becomes a marketplace for xR designers, developers, and agencies to produce xR experiences.


With our SDK and API’s developers will have instant access to:

  • Authentication and Authorisation framework
  • Menu and pedagogical framework
  • Reporting and analysis framework
  • Voice integration for lessons framework


In short designers and developers can concentrate on what they do well, creating great xR experiences, and deliver these as training experiences on the ACHIEVR Zone without the heavy lifting of instructional design or enterprise operationalisation with every project.


We believe that our values and culture are the strongest way to create a great organisation. Although just on two years old, ACHIEVR’s culture is already vibrant, diverse, and energising. Our values comprise:


1. People - Empowering people is at the core of all we do.

2. Progress - We strive for progress over perfection - we ship.

3. Persist - We are polite, professional and persistent.

4. Play - We value the transformative power of play and gamification in all our endeavours.


We are consciously building a cloud-native, distributed organisation. Our staff can (& do) work from wherever they can get an Internet connection – home, on the road, at a co-working space, or even at our home office. We provide an unlimited leave policy to ensure that everyone can choose their best lifestyle.


Currently we conduct most meetings via Web Conference, over time this will be in VR where it makes the most sense (e.g. VR is still not conducive to sharing documents) We communicate both internally, and with our clients using a collaborative tool like Slack.


Nigel Davidson · Co-Founder

Director of Customer Success & Operations

Nigel is passionate about OHS and Virtual Reality in equal measure. He brings the industry expertise to ACHIEVR. For over 13 years, in the UK, Brazil and Australia, he worked in large-scale organisations managing health, safety, well-being and training in high-risk industries.

When he’s not talking to ACHIEVR's clients, he’s either running after his two toddlers or bobbing around on his well-dented surfboard somewhere on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Roger Lawrence · Co-Founder

Managing & Technical Director

Roger is a passionate traveller and professional technologist. He brings over 30 years of developing innovative solutions with bleeding edge technologies. Including senior management positions in enterprises like Microsoft and HewlettPackard Enterprise and founding start-ups.

Roger is an experienced trainer, instructing professionally in both Technology and Scuba. He will walk, sail, and fly. but his favourite mode of transport is his adventure motorcycle.


Steven Holwerda

xR & Cloud Architect

With a Masters of Biomed Engineering with Mechatronics, and an AMus in Violin, Steven brings discipline, focus and energy to our work.

Jorge Reinoso

3D Engineer

Hailing from Columbia, and now living in Chile, Jorge is a self-taught 3D modeller, rigger and animator extraordinaire.

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