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Don't Just Train Your Students. Immerse them!

When your students' health and safety depends on doing things right, you want more than multiple choice theory...

  • "Phoenix"

    Basic Fire Fighting

    Do you know how to use a fire extinguisher? Do your trainees? All of them? More importantly, would they confidently choose the correct extinguisher, and extinguish a fire when it counts, in an emergency?


    No longer restrict yourself to training only dedicated personnel because of logistics or exorbitant cost.


    "Phoenix" is affordable enough to deliver fire extinguisher knowledge and skills to your entire workforce; or complement commercial student training no matter their location.  Even at home....

  • "Cranium"

    C6 Mobile Crane Trainer

    Do you remember how overwhelming it was getting into the driver seat of a car? Now imagine it was a 60-ton mobile crane, and you had to learn signals, and Load/Range charts...


    Besides the cost of your facility, instructor, and crane, there's very real risk of damage and injury.


    "Cranium" immerses your trainee in a Zoomlion Q25 crane and takes them step-by-step from familiarisation of the machine to performing complex lifts. Experienced on a road construction site, complete with pit and obscured landing zone means you can expose your trainees to scenarios far beyond your yard.


    Trainees can elect assistance from the "AI" Dogger whistle signals ensuring best practice on the lift, whilst familiarising them with Australian Dogging Signals.

  • "Happy Fryer"

    Fast Food Fryer Safety

    Can your staff identify all eight burns hazards on a modern Fast Food Fryer? How about avoiding these when the pressure is on.


    Until now Safety & Compliance Training for young people in Fast Food Kitchens was expensive, tedious, and largely ineffective.


    "Happy Fryer" delivers a compelling and fun experience that builds "muscle memory" for your staff, both novice and veteran, in safe, rapid & effective use of your fryers. What's more, they can train anywhere, even from home.

  • "K9-ium"

    Dogger/Signalman Trainer

    Complex load calculations, sling technique, and difficult hand & whistle signals all make this important training difficult for trainees. Let alone learning things that until now only onsite experience could give them, like optimal and safe positioning. It's no wonder there is such a high failure rate on the High Risk Work Licence


    "K9-ium" drops your trainee in a busy road construction site, and asks them to select one of four types of load. Then direct the crane using either whistle or hand signals.


    Lessons build upon basic "lift, mobile, land" skills to complex manouevres in areas obscured from the "AI" crane driver's view.


    By the end of the two modules your trainees will confidently step onto site, and safely perform their role with ease.


Included Services

All ACHIEVR customers have access to the Zone for Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment of ACHIEVR, and partner, xR products. This ensures customers can upgrade to the latest versions, and subscribers receive complimentary updates.


Here is also where customers can:

  • Manage their accounts
  • Monitor device and program usage
  • Monitor subscription billing

Premium Services

The ACHIEVR Zone is a comprehensive, cloud-hosted, platform that allows our customers to:


  • Register, enrol, and manage students (including employees, customers)
  • Assign devices and venues
  • Schedule and manage courses
  • Create individual, course, cohort, organisation and industry-wide reports
  • Analyse training, student, and instructor performance and progress over time
  • Integrate with Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Customers of our AR/VR Training Products can choose to subscribe to the Zone for an affordable per student, monthly, or annual fee, depending on their level of product subscription. Or have the freedom to benefit from AR/VR Training without the overhead (or benefits) of registering students and managing courses.


Clients of our AR/VR Development Services automatically have access to all the features of the Zone for one full year from deployment of their VR Training Program. After the first year they can subscribe for a low per student, monthly, or annual subscription to continue enjoying the benefits of the platform.

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