ACHIEVR provides an end-to-end solution for Training Providers of all sizes with immersive technologies. Our observation is that at this nascent stage of the industry, many executives and organisations have very little experience and knowledge of the business benefits of xR. Indeed, very few people have experienced the breadth of xR technology, and even then, only in an entertainment context.


We also acknowledge that few of the content agencies, our competitors, have enterprise, or pedagogical experience. Whilst they’re brilliant at developing great technology solutions, they can’t articulate how these apply strategically. Neither are they interested in training their customers to design and develop their own solutions, nor provide ongoing applications life-cycle management. So, we set out from the start to resolve these issues for our clients.


Our broad offerings include:


1) Discover xR

We introduced the Discover xR - Executive Awareness Workshop to help business leaders understand the "Commercial reality of Virtual Reality."


Discover xR is a one to two-hour "hands-on" workshop that immerses you and your key leadership in the latest AR/VR technologies professionally and discreetly. We unpack all the latest technologies and answer your key business questions about pricing, development, and implementation.


You get to experience the full gamut of AR/VR equipment with business applications, then run through a competitive analysis on the current marketplace by the former CTO for Innovation at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services.

2) Rapid xR

The Rapid xR - Rapid Prototyping Service allows organisations to test the viability of an AR or VR solution with minimal investment and time. We deliver our clients a working VR Prototype within just 5 to 10 days depending on complexity.


Our clients find this is a powerful tool to create a winning business case and build consensus with the most sceptical of key stakeholders. Immersing Decision Makers with full power of VR takes influence to a level beyond slides and spreadsheets.


This also allows clients to Red Light a project before committing to significant spend.


3) EPIC xR

According to Gartner, AR/VR Technology offers ease of use, scalability and novel content experiences for both customers and employees. And by 2019 they predict over 20% of large enterprises will evaluate and adopt AR, MR, and VR solutions.


The impact of this is a plethora of expensive point solutions, focused mainly at entertaining customers. These rarely integrate to organisational workflows and IT systems, and tend to be associated with campaign or tactical, rather than strategic or operational budgets.


Perhaps you are wrestling with several “shadow” IT projects, or multiple agencies pitching for work across the business, with no ability to standardise on technology, or consolidate spend.


To overcome these challenges we created the two to six-week EPIC xR - AR/VR Strategic Roadmap Service that works with key decision makers to:

  • Learn about the latest xR technologies and their business impact.
  • Identify opportunities throughout your value chain.
  • Ideate AR/VR initiatives.
  • Generate a "Rough Order of Magnitude" Engineering Schedule and Investment Budget.
  • Determine alignment to your business and IT strategies, and an approximate ROI.


For this service, we developed a world-leading methodology, EPIC™ or the Enterprise Process for Immersive Computing. This methodology is the culmination of years of IT consulting, and our experience with developing several xR solutions for clients of all sizes.


The tools we developed allow us to generate AR/VR initiatives, propose solutions, and determine costs and savings in minutes rather than the weeks of our competitors. Once conversant with the methodology, and with access to our tools, your team will be able to develop future initiatives and RFI/RFP's with the same ease.


Of course, we design and develop best-in-class AR and VR training content. These solutions we develop iteratively with our clients, using real instructors and students to test along the way.


Our approach is strong in User Experience (UX) design, as well as a psychological framework that ensures and enhances an accelerated learning process.

1) Pre xR

Recreating complex training scenarios in Virtual Reality is not without risk, especially at the beginning of a project with the most "unknown unknowns." At ACHIEVR we have learned, the hard way, how best to manage Pre-Production to ensure a smooth build, that both mitigates risk, and accelerates production outcomes.


You can think of Pre xR - Pre-Production Service as the pre-production phase of a movie production. Once the script has been "green lighted" this is all the work that needs to be done to prepare for production.


In this two-week engagement our designers, modellers, and engineers work with your team to:

  • Define interaction and User Interface (UI) principles.
  • Complete full process maps.
  • Develop storyboards and backlog of features (user stories).
  • Capture all 2D and 360 photo & video, audio, manuals, and design (e.g. CAD) collateral.
  • Link each asset to corresponding stories in the backlog.
  • Map every prompt, interaction, voice response, scoring, and reporting function.

This ensures that we minimise disruptions to both the client and the development team during the production phase to rework a process or capture assets.


By offering this as a separate service we enable our clients to:

  • Mitigate risk prior to committing to a three to six-plus month project.
  • Manage project investment over time.
  • Create a library of assets for future AR/VR projects.
  • Define standard UI and UX principles for other AR/VR projects.
  • Choose alternate, specialised AR/VR content developers (including internal teams) for production.

2) Build xR​

There is so much more to developing a Training Experience in xR than just building a simulator or game. Prompts to guide, help, and teach students. Automatic recording and reporting to assist instructors. A full menu system. Gamification and scoring. Integration to machine learning. Multi-user capabilities. And more.


At ACHIEVR, we've done it before. Across industry, type of training, and AR/VR technology. Build xR is our Modularised Training AR/VR Framework where we begin with a comprehensive training framework and apply this to your specific content. This significantly accelerates development.


You can choose a single module (with 2- 4 lessons), then add further modules as or when you need them. This allows you to spread investment over time as you reap the return. Or even switch direction as other business priorities emerge.


Or you could decide to select all the modules upfront and benefit from the economies of scale with a reasonable discount.


Our VR Training Framework comprises the following modules:

  • VR Infrastructure and World - often used by clients before deploying a physical asset for process design, executive communication, sales education etc.
  • Familiarise - this module familiarises students with locations, interdependent (sub)assemblies, hazards, reference materials, tools, emergency and safety equipment etc.
  • Pre-Start - this teaches everything from inspection to preparation that is required before operations.
  • Operate - Our most common module. The actual processes and behaviours to safely operate the equipment.
  • Shut Down - This module ensures that students consider safety, supplies, and best practice to shut down or terminate an operation.
  • Maintenance - The Maintenance Module can be complicated and is often bespoke. Many times clients need to consider the complexity of tasks and sub-assemblies in maintenance that don't need to be interactive in other modules.

3) Custom xR​

Occasionally clients need an enterprise AR/VR solution that is not training focused, so doesn't need lessons, gamification, or even authentication.


Perhaps you want a "digital twin" to allow you sales team to experience the features and consequent benefits of new models, or to reduce the cost of travel in demonstrating capital purchases to remote customers.


Perhaps you would like to optimise processes to enhance productivity or safety, or collaborate with international team members.


Or perhaps you wish to do A/B testing of cost-prohibitive real-world opportunities (e.g. a new retail layout, or facility).


For all of these opportunities, and more, our Custom xR Service ensures to bring your vision to life, affordably and efficiently.


All ACHIEVR applications benefit from our Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment platform, enhanced security, analytics and reporting, and integrated machine learning.


Included Services

All ACHIEVR customers have access to the Zone for Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment of ACHIEVR, and partner, xR products. This ensures customers can upgrade to the latest versions, and subscribers receive complimentary updates.


Here is also where customers can:

  • Manage their accounts
  • Monitor device and program usage
  • Monitor subscription billing

Premium Services

The ACHIEVR Zone is a comprehensive, cloud-hosted, platform that allows our customers to:


  • Register, enrol, and manage students (including employees, customers)
  • Assign devices and venues
  • Schedule and manage courses
  • Create individual, course, cohort, organisation and industry-wide reports
  • Analyse training, student, and instructor performance and progress over time
  • Integrate with Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Customers of our AR/VR Training Products can choose to subscribe to the Zone for an affordable per student, monthly, or annual fee, depending on their level of product subscription. Or have the freedom to benefit from AR/VR Training without the overhead (or benefits) of registering students and managing courses.


Clients of our AR/VR Development Services automatically have access to all the features of the Zone for one full year from deployment of their VR Training Program. After the first year they can subscribe for a low per student, monthly, or annual subscription to continue enjoying the benefits of the platform.

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